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Simil Bounty

Subito non ci avevo neanche pensato. Poi un commensale creativo mi ha detto: “Ma questo è il Bounty!” -Op.Cit. Elvis – e …

Soft chocolate cake

Choco Cult

A cake without flour or let’s make it light?!?!?!? Ingredients 250 g of potato starch 250 g butter 6 eggs 300 g …

Panna Cotta al Cioccolato!

  Among many delicious recipes and food lab by Danila and BB today I propose you a simple and delicious desserts (is never wrong) … a sweetness classical: “chocolate panna …

Christmas breakfast

Christmas brownies

Just few days and it will be time for Panettone, a tradition for Christmas in Milan. In the meanwhile, chocolate, constantly in …

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